Adult Hearing Centre in Newbury

Tracy James provides hearing tests and hearing aid services for adults out of a home clinic in Newbury, or a mobile service in the Berkshire area. Tracy’s aim is to provide a personalised hearing service by working with the same client and family members from their first hearing appointment through to their hearing aid fitting and after-care. Tracy is also keen to see that clients have the option of choosing hearing aids from a range of manufacturers, so that products are individually tailored for their needs, preferences and lifestyle. As an independent, Tracy is not tied to purchase hearing aids from one manufacturer, which is often the case in high street chains.

Ear care services are available for wax removal, so all care and attention for you and your ears can remain in-house. Custom-made ear and noise plugs are available for those who wish to protect their ears from noise e.g. musicians, motorcycles, shooting , DIY and even snoring!

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We provide hearing and ear care services for Adults in Newbury and it’s surrounding counties – including East and West Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

A summary of what we offer:

  • Ear wax removal service
  • Hearing tests at home or in clinic
  • Custom made hearing aids (invisible and in the canal devices)
  • Bluetooth hearing aids compatible for streaming
  • Auditory processing assessment and management
  • Speech audiometry and speech in noise testing
  • Equipment to help you hear at work
  • Noise protection for various leisure pursuits
  • Evening and weekend appointments
  • Personal, independent service


Hearing test and advice on hearing aid fitting: £ 30 in house or £50 home visit. The cost of the hearing test is deducted from the price of any hearing aid purchased from Tracy James Hearing.

Auditory Processing assessment: £250

Tinnitus management and assessment: £150 initial assessment and £75 follow up

Wax removal using a jobson horne (manual removal): £30 per ear

Wax removal using microsuction: £80 (both ears or home visit) or £60 one ear (when visiting the clinic only)

Tinnitus Management: Free initial telephone / video consultation and triage – 20 minutes. Then £150 first in-depth assessment (1.5 – 2 hours) and £75 follow up (up to 6 appointments) – 45 minutes.

Home visits for wax removal or hearing tests can be arranged for those who are not mobile, or who are unable to leave the house. No extra charge is applied for locations within 15 minutes drive of the clinic for wax removal or hearing tests. A £35 surcharge is applied for locations every additional 15 minutes away.