Adult Hearing Centre in Newbury

Tracy James provides hearing tests and hearing aid services for adults out of a home clinic in Newbury, or a mobile service in the Berkshire area. Ear care services are available for adults who wish to protect their ears and hearing with custom-made ear and noise plugs for various leisure and work pursuits and environments.

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We provide hearing and ear care services for Adults in Newbury and it’s surrounding counties – including East and West Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

We offer:

  • Hearing tests at home or in clinic
  • Custom made hearing aids (invisible and in the canal devices)
  • Bluetooth hearing aids compatible for streaming
  • Auditory processing assessment and management
  • Equipment to help you hear at work
  • Wax removal at home and in-house
  • Noise protection for various leisure pursuits
  • Evening and weekend appointments
  • Personal, independent service


Hearing test and advice on hearing aid fitting: £ 25 in house or £75 home visit. The cost of the hearing test is deducted from the price of any hearing aid purchased from Tracy James Hearing.

Auditory Processing assessment: £250

Tinnitus management and assessment: £150 initial assessment and £75 follow up

Wax removal using a jobson horne (manual removal): £25 per ear

Wax removal using irrigation: £80 (both ears)