Tracy James expands hearing and ear care services in Newbury

Tracy James has been an independent audiologist for six years, delivering training courses, providing hearing services for children and in 2018 expanded to provide adult hearing care at her home-based clinic in Newbury. In March, Tracy was ready to open a weekly ear wax removal clinic, only for it to be put on hold due to the lockdown!

‘Earwax is a common complaint not many people like to talk about. However, it’s impact can be huge if it affects your ability to communicate – particularly if you’re working or if you already have a hearing loss. During lockdown, many will have felt the frustration of struggling to communicate with family members or work colleagues,’ Tracy says.

In May this year, Audiology and Otology Guidance During Covid-19’ was published by the UK’s audiology professional bodies and advises how to deliver care safely during the pandemic. Tracy can now offer many hearing care services, including a face to face appointment when there is a clinical need (and it is safe to do so). This includes ear wax removal, as well as hearing tests, hearing aid supply and fitting and tinnitus services.

Tracy states: ‘I have over 16 years experience in both private and NHS audiology services and I’m a specialist in children’s hearing services as well as adults with hearing loss.’

‘I became independent because I wanted to provide a personalised hearing service and I work with the same client and family members from their first hearing appointment through to their hearing aid fitting and after-care. I am also keen to see that clients have the option of choosing hearing aids from a range of manufacturers, so that products are individually tailored for their needs, preferences and lifestyle. Ear wax removal complements my services offered, as it affects peoples’ ears and ability to communicate whether or not they have an existing hearing loss.’

For details of Covid safety and services available please see or call Tracy James on 01635 745026.