Wax Removal

Wax removal at Tracy James Hearing consists of manual methods using a jobson horne. This is the safest method of wax removal as it does not require any water or pressure change in the ear canal.  For this reason it can be very good for children or adults that have sensitive ears, tinnitus or who’ve had previous surgery.

Wax removal can be done as part of your hearing assessment or as a separate appointment. Wax removal using a jobson horn costs £25 per ear.

Irrigation and suction will be available soon. See the website for details.


Hearing and Ear Protection

Custom made ear plugs are made using impressions of the ear.  The following products are available:

 Swim Plugs:

Custom made swim plugs for ears that need to be kept dry while swimming. These plugs float in the water and can be made in many colours.

Noise Plugs:

All products come with a SNR (single number rating) that relates to the amount of noise reduction and are CE marked.

  • General noise plugs for concerts, DIY
  • Musician ear plugs which come with various filters and optional communication / speaker fittings
  • Sleep plugs which are breathable and suitable for noisy snoring nights!
  • Motorcycle ear plugs to wear with helmets and optional communication / speaker fittings
  • Shooting plugs – CENS digital electronic earplugs that apply noise protection with impact noise only. Optional programmes and communication / speaker fittings. See http://www.censdigital.com/

Prices available on request or you can use vouchers from http://www.puretone.net/