Covid Update – How the service will operate during Covid Pandemic

Tracy James’ Hearing Policy for carrying out appointments and services

Last updated: May 2020


  1. In the first instance, remote appointments and/or care will be offered for new client consultations and for existing clients. This includes telephone calls or video calls over the internet via Zoom, WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams and other family members can be included.
  2. Where there is a clinical need, a face to face appointment may be offered for clinical procedures such as otoscopy (looking in the ear), hearing tests, wax removal, impression-taking.
  3. Tracy James’ priority is that we operate safely and only provide services when it is in the best interest of the client, and the benefits outweigh the risks. Whether visiting appointments are required (and it is safe to do so) will be decided on a case by case basis.

Remote / non contact services available:

  1. Initial hearing consultation (new clients), hearing screen
  2. Initial wax consultation and history
  3. Replacement of upgraded hearing aids for experienced hearing aid users
  4. Hearing aid adjustment
  5. Postal Repairs
  6. Tinnitus assessment and support

Face-to-face Clinical Services (visiting clinic):

  1. Available to clients who do not display Covid symptoms of a new continuous cough or high temperature, nor anyone else in their household
  2. Pre-arranged appointments are available only (no walk-ins)
  3. Clients should, where possible drive to the appointment rather than use public transport. There will be no waiting room, toilets or kitchen facilities available at the clinic.
  4. Appointments will be scheduled so that there is time to clean and dispose of equipment and PPE between clients. Tracy James asks any client to phone or text upon arrival, and to wait in their car until they are invited into the clinic room.
  5. Clients should, where possible attend the face to face appointment alone – unless accompanied by someone from the same household who does not display Covid symptoms.
  6. There are means for a family member not from the same household to stand outside the consultation window (on the driveway) if required (please make Tracy James aware of this in advance)
  7. Hand sanitiser available on entrance to the clinic room, throughout the appointment and when leaving
  8. Social distancing of 2 meters in the appointment will be adhered to where possible. Some clients will need to use lipreading to communicate in the appointment. Tracy James will endeavour to communicate instructions without a mask (if lipreading is required) when using social distancing, and before procedures are carried out within 2 meters.
  9. Tracy James will use appropriate PPE and hand hygiene.
  10. Facemasks will be available for client and companion use in appointments.
  11. Tracy James will minimise time when within 2 meters of client, and cluster contact procedures
  12. Essential components of assessment carried out only to make a clinical decision; additional tests or information to be carried out at a later date

Home Visits

  1. Home visits can be offered when remote appointments are not applicable or suitable and when client cannot attend due to reasons other than Covid-19
  2. Home visits can be offered only to people who have not been advised to shield, and who are not in self-isolation
  3. Contact time will be minimised and PPE will be worn at all times.
  4. A 2 metre distance will be maintained where possible, and robust hand and respiratory hygiene will be observed.
  5. Equipment brought into the home will be cleaned and bagged prior to and after the appointment
  6. PPE and waste from the appointment will be double bagged, and left at the client’s home. It will need to be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in the usual household waste.