Children’s Hearing Service at Tracy James Hearing

Families who want to have independent hearing advice and hearing aids for their children are often frustrated by the lack of skilled professionals and centres providing such a service. Tracy James opened the clinic in Berkshire with the aim of providing families with time and expertise in appointments, with wider choice for children’s hearing aid fittings.

The centre at the Burwood in Newbury is family friendly with an outdoor space, play and family room and tea and coffee making facilities. It also has lots of parking and is located at Mary Hare School, just off the M4 junction 13. Our facilities are designed for use with children. We will do all we can to ensure that you and your child feel comfortable and relaxed in our environment.

Our testing facilities include a sound proof room, audiometers, tympanometers and hearing aid verification equipment. We follow British Society of Audiology protocols and National Deaf Children Society guidance.

Appointments at the Children’s Centre for Audiology should be complementary and / or supplementary to NHS appointments. If your child has not seen an NHS practitioner and you suspect your child has a hearing loss you should ask to be referred to the NHS by your GP.

Reasons for Attending

Sometimes families attend appointments to have a second opinion regarding their child’s hearing levels/care. Other families like to attend because they don’t want to wait for their NHS appointment or want to try devices that are not available on the NHS. We will consider all aspects of your child’s care and history, in order to provide an holistic and multi-disciplinary approach.

What we offer

We offer a personalised service to you child and family by a children’s hearing specialist. All appointments will include a report that can be shared with relevant professionals, including audiology, speech and language therapy, ENT, and education. We aim to address your main concern in the appointment and will take tine to answer you questions and explain results. For children who wear hearing aids, we can explore alternative amplification options and hearing accessories.

Making Appointments for Children

Appointments at Tracy James Hearing are intended to be complementary and/or supplementary to NHS appointments. If your child has not been seen by an NHS practitioner, and you suspect your child has a hearing loss you should ask to be referrred to the NHS by your GP.

All appointments will include a report that can be shared with the NHS or relevant professional, including speech and language therapy, education services and ENT. The clinic is open Tuesday, Fridays and Saturdays at the Burwood Centre.

If you wish to make an appointment please contact us.

Price lists for Children’s Hearing Tests and Appointments:

For an understanding of children’s appointments at different ages click here

AppointmentTimeIncludes (where necessary)Price
Understanding your child’s hearingUp to 1 hourDiscussion, explanation, information£50
Hearing Assessment – two testers ( or <4 years)1.5 hoursChildren’s Hearing test, TympanometrySpeech TestingOAEs, otoscopy, report£200
Hearing Assessment (initial) – 1 tester1 hourChildren’s Hearing test, TympanometrySpeech TestingOAEs, otoscopy, report£150
Auditory Processing Screen (Part 1)1 hourChildren’s Hearing Test, Questionnaire for parents / teachers, Tympanometry, Speech in noise testing, Auditory Processing Screen£100 / £150
Auditory Processing Tests (Part 2)2 hoursAuditory Processing Tests, Questionnaire review, Management Report and recommended intervention£200
Hearing Aid Evaluation – 1 or 2 testers1.5 hoursChildren’s Hearing test, TympanometrySpeech TestingOAEs, otoscopy, verification of hearing aids, report£200
Hearing aid fitting1-1.5 hoursHearing aid fitting, real ear measurements, cleaning / maintenance, evaluation of set upHearing aid fitting appointment price included in price of hearing aid/tinnitus device – see hearing aid prices
Speech Testing30 minutesAge-appropriate speech test  in quiet or in noise and with/without hearing aids, report£75
Impression-taking30 minutesImpression of 1 or both earsFrom £40 per pair  depending on product/device – see prices
Wax removal30 minutesOtoscopy, and wax removal using jobson horn or microsuction / irrigation£30 per ear (jobson horn)
£60/80 microsuction or irrigation (one/both ears)
Tinnitus Management90 / 45 minutesTinnitus therapy techniques£150 initial / £75 follow up

Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing aids range in price from £1500-£2200. An individualised price list is available on request.  The cost of a hearing aid includes the fitting appointment, and follow up/fine tuning of the device after fitting. See hearing aids for more information.