Hearing Appointment Types for Children

Understanding your children’s hearing (1 hour)

For many people, learning about their child’s hearing will be a first time experience. It can all seem confusing, with lots of terminology and much to learn. This appointment is designed to help you understand your child’s hearing better, and to know more about hearing loss. We will discuss things like your child’s audiogram and what it means in relation to what your child can and cannot hear. It could include simple hearing aid management skills, and information about what facilities, groups and devices that could help your child. We will tailor this appointment to your questions and needs

Initial hearing assessment (1.5 hours)

We will try different techniques to ensure we obtain the maximal amount of information possible about your child’s hearing. This will include a hearing test (see above) and may include behavioural methods (where we are looking for a behavioural response to sounds) or objective measurements (when we measure the hearing without requiring a behavioural response). Speech testing will also be carried out where possible (see below). If required, we may take some breaks in the appointment. 

Hearing Aid Evaluation (1.5 hours)

This appointment involves talking to the child and parent(s)/guardian(s) about how well their child is getting on with their hearing aid(s). A hearing test will be carried out, and a listening check of the hearing aid and a re-tube where necessary. The hearing aid(s) prescription will be verified using real ear measurements( this is an established way of checking how much sound your child is getting from their aid). An aided speech test (speech tests done whilst wearing their hearing aids) will also be carried out where possible. A full evaluation report of the hearing aid, mould, amplification and speech perception will be provided.

 Hearing Aid Fitting (1-1.5 hours)

If a hearing aid is suitable for your child then the type of hearing aid chosen for fitting would be agreed with you in advance, and based on many factors, including the child’s hearing loss, ear shape, lifestyle, aesthetic preference, age and dexterity. We are not bound to any specific hearing aid manufacturer so that the best hearing aid can be chosen for your child. This appointment involves setting up the hearing aid according to your child’s prescription (based on their hearing test) and verified using real ear measurements. All the controls and maintenance will be explained and any additional listening devices (for example devices that link their aid to the TV) will be paired to the instruments. We will evaluate your child’s responses to wearing the new devices.

Tinnitus/Hyperacusis Assessment (1 hour)

Your child will have an in-depth discussion and/or questionnaire about their tinnitus and hyperacusis to find out how it sounds to them, and how it makes them feel. We will also check their ears and hearing. With the information a management plan can be agreed, or an onward referral could be made. The management could include some rehabilitation (cognitive behavioural therapy) or tinnitus/hyperacusis re-training therapy (e.g. tinnitus masker) and will depend on the individual needs of the child/family.

Speech Testing (30 mins)

This test involves your child listening to (age-appropriate) words or sentences with or without their hearing aids / listening devices. Their response may be pointing to a corresponding picture or toy, or repeating the word or sentence back to the audiologist. The test can be carried out at different hearing levels/noise to simulate more difficult listening environments. Speech testing gives the child or parent an opportunity to evaluate how well their child is able to perceive speech in different listening situations.

 Impression-taking (30 mins)

Impressions can be taken of your child’s ears for new earmoulds, noise protection or swim plugs. It involves placing a small sponge into your child’s ears and filling the ear with impression material. Once the material is hardened after a few minutes then the impression is removed and the ear checked afterwards. The impression can then be sent off to our local manufacturer and returned to you in the post.

Wax removal (30 mins)

Small amounts of wax can be removed from your child’s ear using small instrument called a jobson horne. It involves the audiologist looking into your child’s ear using a head torch, and picking the wax out carefully while the child remains still.

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